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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 24, 2016 8:30am-9:30am MST

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t a a rest at souinto tadn. i3. ated% orbad wea sin wton u to ith nng u p nirom gorump for joining us. you said yrday yldt so fe dnes. you'hafi>>eat ouplohhaethat r a lot olsy d toaltytor. to i upheou a it ups 90% thearleatt't thl noe.vele
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ieti o tinvinc ot trt y n ,o nk didt? treg? >> i aai mnu othd pcitey pet m o i kmo w don't i've been in business,ot of i'm oheoui'eeus a neandehas at i .th'st entryee e opor mospaon k i ven w th are. i don'want to owhost them eoplng tveagazth cng eyliy, thi ipltot sg ithe diacked romney, th mccain, lose.
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eyve iev me aumentth wrt,ishrasoms onrve. ate cng yr pooneve meat i y r t crique >>sual ikehee ro rn. roeaasairlymoca er. he nerservive ute ptt coerti. hend uei gat pren i halvnany the sos mam i' bn t evoce aou growr youee tch tudyro reaganct samethinas m li he frler. peo. heecay cserv pr butidec dicrson: what is yourf conseat
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thoohi rsttsnms eren tki. rshaantsone, ape tl s.t a slo au veommy thventous e my.ritarrt always felt onat oil saying y oil'se the dy wis o aerisheard yi mbel keil s was - ber but was very mo th loheses w f
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$linoustvean i t ii sat in ti ago. 2003 irarstvethrld at's nsvati pit asg, d't a v mti onm ve mhell onge thepoo ha wappn. stativeslesgu yof d w inq. abt ldvoorz,ut ge spohety mi>>t dds wre hs t rom. he iniit'loin ano tstiol
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ointhe uates a canadianhs ago. teda no feds, asenca f p sinhe worna. oranalrcadi hant. yho gssabeat no atriously ma him n in ioith abore ouaheinn, vethinwain fedgoru rs: d te >> tt in hislace real quested to riden tell you,irsthing got t nomion,stin wou h crwiri agns h, l t o
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hat uld d.'s a thing i wtoaveel get race.en ffrs.s iends more wan thior phe, he ht nowouldy love tcompete wikerson: speaki mayo b bl - ievuprtimi i he' tn.caus kinofcompetioth had.i never sed uprt -leeck srtarkmaeha aloecse pi u sods p itwhth d ts. eyaidoldrumpuprt ma
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nd -keptri thtupiers n, he's ador baracou belie tld voter oba belie m is he he i f h d upye. rsquhi stlyt l b goy g wded thoug at - diday tt bau d y h w aooyout beaye'tws.ncnt hestedatot supg oui muiinginewore emdoewit gin b neveruppowould hisueatay luc ngratuti ho he'o aooyo op wie d a g may heood me's orrson: anch. >> supportin rootg i manyuilding i
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on: t. u h, m tmpkrd t,oh disorwng yn br >>k ickckthe fugs tst. and le wee created a new company. wht for s. thuetner whe opecolyd eaverye fo celeraovatio acceleratingion. nt.
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our have r us rit kitoirests iriy maetontis. yofeelt..ience t p rementpet orr ad e howe canpmake the most ofr reavgs. e e. inveith nf.mbthathto aossp a 46%'s a hias aea he u6 cerotlyisfrswifed to rterersy 3 f er j u now
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hair aouin e palepord s aewou halibe as rs esess, di you ina w hampshe? l, j say at the poll iuth caroli 6to ha tasithong maki hai i feedent we cann he inow new irhose t s,hiendexllo n s ronand ifouooathe pligcelyi ul tlou becausno ut cali, h omontum oth gd. thkicngp mororeriupnk
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week whi ysimo gfuwh r u? wt thadbout is t bo thaes ther a couwe hoh,nyxtra p asere is accomp a wea cn thisfhe w we shldav highrate o chipo o countrydoandedve coher, i wht isa fu snk befu le rea pemacoution ccchs >> dhere ibiclintonerizedourcampaign he s,uote,her'sadhan i
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gry,people are angry bheyn't ndhey h worgerrsorer lmosome he tey are angryau kidsoo $50 eb d eye e th areined sat ng a nn whi elder pe tino $13,ury. are ask e thngerkers pinton sometthat whe the "n 's mid yramtisfdect sndncwh r t yg t muchere. >>ot offh.uw, i t tha unfair criti
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ersiion freeasot cuns ardo pou w t sha wpholtrporut their money the cmaalat is a utopian pie ska. thatct we are t major th doesn't heall peoa gh to shaedic for lglaihasharys g, grahethe. at h happeneerheea hav s crv we h b domat trt and big minrests, that people are d andwhat we shie thawealthste har
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ernt dt whcaaign ustntu he saiscontrol. tayer d. dvehaate etn l is notllonsisomethr the tocide? >> n i lieve t doev all.way ba w inhenfi for congr i m veos state e byeeoi bse iai i ght it ba fo usitary- wpo this c. whe h tse hfic weoek andot op, isue t w haveo i support oba isrying dond dit e guhowoooleo tabagr cck gs tion,nk rt for make sure guns
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whod havem. ople are- hmina grs,who arll.on: meoue, yalrecisms n ceers m lean crebuhe g mege-- a orgnd cr y ricism? ooact heattes, it'sot o imeri twe liple who ltns ai aygim gealt somes jus gitt all.other crisi that we have even more people who have e dles ym. eyo siteboutng t spealmoee
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theiop mw, t miceorng perysman arale a our pplan asaimidla mi tho oar, an comprehensive m t pe ca thedo w ty nd thdo te all m iso go ickers: nator o leave it. ja r"y toeeiv
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beau resu dkeonwee ck oou balendra ltanug onsgive wpu toptant tg race?innao ke lzad i
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's gais,thar.inrein ar eeorntcr d: heol oohi pintl f teuzas noswve tmoat whs anopvi bernrs caps f a vorsqu o in aut m t dm g.ocra fonor overlar peopleea
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re ofou plee wh u 'lav le,ll bckn ener caroo" reatchool, but is e
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olidate suppat's the sre? shoul the 46er? 423 eno n.
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ving uows ofll bck>>: lvantoor oerrt vot ican'be. cr nnts uve uz h beeot o at tsiiv ouem seccal cha thca trumad thea ok a sayth's numrnd
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t pntilfehe a ddeiigthmpnta.lis ui s nof tasdonaplus, you add ump intz's i eaarty sha t rsbo >>ou ivi yaheigut t e be reiew p thi. rsonng wen see d p sh ov 9 to dorump tae. n
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an in eere?bee hll bee tero tn pu froh, mat t samime,ill eventual pha t thatase a andhave some. icischalle yok atn'tften theyyime ing hi anf t f him t so g- t fldeeds xat remge.rshsal we pe, yno erauat ith t fo's tid drs
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.n me w iriin nsubly. elydiso letalboth l flexas, g o>> lksik ti o tru ld.ri hp. i t h oo res of ofse, d t te.but tureere, llengiceht thao few toe dliont m inl delatg b urabs rlf% tatre
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keonleve d sec anind gomensd 'rttlarliri o dathink that hilrylide donors over fl bethpeorerheo, itnicriqonla con ven when ar abe sirt,an o clton'sutehatie mesiroi our. >>do s he
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'sctaby.en ykhe pho to wmb areerwhelh . aat wants toe uphe b ers geot ntsgsrs ver n haer a>>: li gg a rmingocy're trnghillcln yioaier asisooie hotha rkthctk t tulyeeniidliic hicth ios.
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mhtimvo. ne thiavewa ais hpos tasrn ith aege fs fosathesh not iowetir t if s trateastowen fartes.>> dicrs: thmuch for beinth us.
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elphs)wh sttmour c.callac? ss pso u hau wan s fi morns's wha whererlo tngzumba cls?o fast. and weany... ontotally focused at next for your business.
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puryond. acratingnnovat acceransat ce n enri. >> dicsome marcus ist r th pomatt l i ry an nrdesongralespo ed o'ke ingtonost. y. start with w the t conf rightht d gory t i >> iscghouyar pousti et, e esis g rthg the rops nsin ogrroll twogh
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game because he fits so welhevaeliching.buach o f ndohr pus,r ted cz gh havnette. ke: heuc rkingngtump. ar a our pol polls arshowg. be's do t h isdn e has stfig ly ans, tha e nowargior suve o than a,auruz is peonab
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idt w whathlatee wee edodoemar mh re-emes an hen fm mb o rlanenor dheou aohednationalev esiond trat'sng > pki i thi 1 repubayingwhere shouhis in ov ngt cu th prer, estaepubliannotstd ing hav t li ->>seive wh alliuttrumrlt i th thierouint fthug rio hh mb wldeah
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st h>>'m nurt'oo lo opimi himpta f u ud,e'kiafeuban hm h cty hateag seivit t inrundre o difre cdida he repcaonat tablennc izna viawin u mpsote cova. we tk o tterer wngesblis bec the wealuc a tnoenlohe t t ey mhriedhabyruauzwoultaown r exonrvatis rt t he w h meotal, d. b, araor m voae s a mes st mem cseiv
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d: ounohiedit borerree tigmeea in,mitor t angtecr a holags, lk authe ewaonotf ta w wer had m ervebef nateficonstio r rse sd t thns haid t n hedoisy d fund ore twaeyldefunnt i teynoin bseai nstiveemrs saywe'd
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giivpossleyoha battht h hnty ms el t didtsentt toaion andthe that ahe of y. oth'dog a but eoncef th nsveab houp n v dwh is intw ylltion hisniat on gothfativnt ayim lik ll rea -on whaonalreheing pimir body bomsis o
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ewpshi y's ers ygotn karishrisebshy senurth and vight whr?alistica fourngo be to muckee clao'sumpublicans fd morestabsh republic to t facesa grcan,tion.wi t idee mchmayb ahere aouts co bet in thhree g c ator mub t do aell. er cng w nog. t
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theiheme bo calo dumbl" foait's bave situatioo pollti and moral hazard touchle in oflike is ee, of lik footllcoroheit ihewl neee cunrue he me os t kers, weing eoplwa unt m and g. de get
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haphe s wtr ternihease' din ctide s in thkha d ndar bieha it d eit e anrshen' cabre lo othe fo emp,heg aerhi o--t' tru%er tglay s atsn trny mo thaheldfd, u'tras alt g t vote drswetoe vingscussinot ies a pgmat pn th okill beein er doid fft pn takurrt bsut
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arme ainng eetein pme ersho ry inea aen dohireifnc publanll ls ilo eppite ths liater n llyhi sce o nea.ioc entll fa i. ththheubca a i edeeshe s.>> dkelica dianisf e statesou iand newamhire thibal- have m lira vin ib isernt e adheer
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s ug l acan na,oter mak berenlintongo vidatorthatpaig rhe emesemion pictiatiaylittle sa tha t epcos inoto wake a hif cs f deaticty. dicon: d mak ha? >>w, amerso ws t tanc wasrans bha ad.i t tthatd t yeverhingteedrsndtate thce r n ca c gn iinousainnly.usonlymocrd f
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will are definit fliovtageaign ally rig now thence, hits t dayrgent. righnow we'sitnei tportg phase.t away phasedecric priign.>> when yay sopen, ag.ik want the barack o hiseyth feeling d these it is rn >> they t president obaay he thathesnre sta real >> doe aotf aallies
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avvennheign ths nvth guy ctowi t onc iawh lki r tnteme.thorsear .yoea al erds m it's samhingrepu sid yo bus iinow howt but verstt aheace? ru argument in o cseivpeopemh the t donald tmp route then theyreestio tlure pak. eryroorraen ine wn awhit wngss part
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drsk ou,kingut af iosm. aerarg-->>ehaeedling. ern: not i pi hantse gwhan getng hvehanc hele inmbd ie buiitnghama bsh t i lnghe pli ndcr b ich a -- pifnt osliard.
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saothe a teta yrod g fca nsvative, siaibalblg.ono av s k uorruth e owhi mni ler kiourettrnw infore.
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